Application For Full-Stack Developer Job

I would like to propose my candidacy for the position of Full Stack Developer which I saw on your Twitter timeline yesterday. As someone who has been guided by the marriage of a client’s needs and my own abilities, I am proud to say that I have crafted many beautiful and effective web solutions for those who I have developed for. This makes me believe that my qualifications, skills and abilities are a perfect match for this job.

Honestly, I have never read a job description as sweet as this. I read it multiple times and I am almost tempted to say I will do it for free 😄. Great Job!

I am a full-stack developer who has a wide range of front end skills, particularly designing sleek and visually appealing UI and extensive experience of using modern component frameworks. I really enjoy writing optimised code and I always look to add my own magical touch to any new code that I write. I try to leave every bit of code I touch more readable, modular, performant and accessible than I found it.

Aside from my technical competencies, I love helping internal and external customers by creating resources that shows them how to effectively use software products, like interactive walk-through and documentation. I consider myself a real team player who understands the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and open communication. In addition to this I am not only commercially aware, proactive, adaptable and flexible, but also able to work in an environment which changes at a fast pace.

I think we'd be a great fit for each other because of my desire to work on utility frameworks like Tailwind, that solves the problem of opinionated solutions. I am pleased to know that I would be working on a solution that is helping to lower the barrier to entry into software development. I'm particularly keen on working on the TailwindUI official React and Vue tools.

It is interesting to see the number of people trying to gain coding skills by engaging in #100DaysOfCode and other challenges. It only means that there's need for more tools to help developers and businesses learn fast, develop fast and scale easily.

Right now I am eager to work for an company like yours where I will have the opportunity to work with a bright mind like you and your team.

Finally, I am aware that your preferred candidate is someone from North America, but I assure you that I have no problems working in your timezone.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I hope that after reviewing my attached CV you will consider me for an interview.

Yours sincerely,